Resource Map

While the focus of the WRAP portal is Australian urban water research, it is often difficult to ascertain where research starts and other resources such as data, models, policy documents etc. might begin.

The WRAP portal does try to holistically capture resources that might be of assistance to researchers, however acknowledges that there are a number of dedicated websites and portals which may be more useful for your particular needs. While there may be some crossover in content, it is recognised that multiple entry channels can often assist in the discoverability of research. Our aim is to complement these existing portals and continue to work with others in the water space to ensure we are making urban water R&D readily available.

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) partnered with the Australian Water Research and Development Coalition to bring together Australia's urban water data assets and make them available via the Research Data Australia portal. The Urban Water data in Research Data Australia includes initiatives across Australian research organisations, public sector agencies, utilities and universities. You can view and access the collection here:

The following Prezi presentation maps out the key resources available to water researchers.

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